Function with Fields

//Renames one of the default fields or template variables within the manager.
mm_renameField($field, $newlabel, $roles, $templates, $newhelp);
//Hides one or more of the default fields within the manager.
mm_hideFields($fields, $roles, $templates);
//Changes the help text that appears next to each field when the [?] icon is clicked.
mm_changeFieldHelp($field, $helptext, $roles, $templates);
//Hides specified templates from the Templates drop down list
mm_hideTemplates($tplIds, $roles, $templates);
//Tells one or more fields to inherit their parent document's value (if it exists).
mm_inherit($fields, $roles, $templates)
//Provides a default value for specific fields in new documents / folders.
mm_default($field, $value, $roles, $templates, $eval);
//Synchronises the values of the specified fields at edit time
mm_synch_fields($fields, $roles, $templates);
//Makes fields required.
mm_requireFields($fields, $roles, $templates);

Function with Tabs

//Renames one of the default tabs
mm_renameTab($tab, $newlabel, $roles, $templates);
//Hides one or more of the default tabs
mm_hideTabs($tabs, $roles, $templates);
//Creates a new tab 
mm_createTab($name, $id, $roles, $templates, $intro, $width);
//Moves fields (including TVs) to a different tab.
mm_moveFieldsToTab($fields, $newtab_id, $roles, $templates);

Function with Sections

//Renames one of the default sections 
mm_renameSection($section, $newlabel, $roles, $templates);
//Hides one or more of the default sections
mm_hideSections($sections, $roles, $templates);


//Changes the manager widget for this text field to tag-friendly format
mm_widget_tags($fields, $delimiter, $source, $display_count, $roles, $templates);
//shows a preview of images chosen in image TVs.
mm_widget_showimagetvs($fields, $w, $h, $thumbnailerUrl, $roles, $templates);
//Turns a text field into a color picker 
mm_widget_colors($fields, $default, $roles, $templates);
//Denies access to specific documents (by ID) without inheritance.
mm_widget_accessdenied($ids, $message, $roles);
//Integrate the Google Maps in MODx documents.
mm_ddGMap($tvs, $roles, $templates, $w, $h);
//Integrate the Yandex Maps in MODx documents.
mm_ddYMap($tvs, $roles, $templates, $key, $w, $h);
//Sets a value for a field (always!).
mm_ddSetFieldValue($field, $value, $roles, $templates);
//Limit the number of characters in the TV (like the Twitter).
mm_ddMaxLength($tvs, $roles, $templates, $length);
//Automatically move documents (OnBeforeDocFormSave event) based on their date
mm_ddAutoFolders($ddRoles, $ddTemplates, $ddParent, $ddDateSource, $ddYearTpl, $ddMonthTpl, $ddYearPub, $ddMonthPub);